Awesome experience

Good day Jamie.

It’s been hectic since we got back with kids schooling and work. Maham’s away on business and will probably respond when she has a moment. The trip was awesome and the quick changes you were able to make for us made it even better. Certainly 10 stars service on a scale of 1 to 5 🙂

The driver’s you hire are amazing. They held our place in line for Robbin island so we could eat before going since it was tight catching the ferry from the 3hr drive. we had to catch that ferry or we risked missing our flight to Rwanda. It’s was alot of running but the driver’s made it stress free. On our last day, we were able to change up our plans with the driver to see the golden monkeys before our flight back home allowing us to squeeze in everything possible. The service at the hotels were awesome. Especially in Rwanda. The day we left it was raining and after the golden monkeys so we were very muddy and I only had one pair of hiking shoes for the trip. Everything was cleaned and dried for us before leaving on our flight back home.

We already had some close friends looking to do a similar trip based on our experience.

Thanks again and talk to you later