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WPCS 2.1.5
FROM USD $7,600 PP

Expedition Botswana

FROM USD $8,045 PP

GPC’s explorers club

FROM USD $8,070 PP

Capture the moment

This 3-night Botswana photographic safari includes the services of a private vehicle, wildlife guide, private photographic host.

FROM USD $14,410 PP

Gorilla, gorilla, gorilla

This 8 night Uganda and Rwanda itinerary offers you the chance to trek mountain gorillas in three very different locations.

FROM USD $13,485 PP

Uganda’s ‘wild places’

This 11 night Uganda safari itinerary covers some of the countries most remote habitats and landscapes - a perfect safari retreat!

FROM USD $11,250 PP

An Out of Africa Adventure

An 8 night itinerary trekking gorillas in Rwanda, followed by 'out of Africa' safari at Cottar's 1920'S Camp in the Masai Mara.

FROM USD $15,550 PP

Great Plains & Great Apes

An 11 night safari and gorilla trekking itinerary, staying in some breathtaking locations and remarkable properties!

FROM USD $12,550 PP

Mountains, Plains and Volcanoes

An 11 night safari and gorilla trekking 'luxurious' adventure through Northern Tanzania and Rwanda.

FROM USD $7,235 PP

Frontier Uganda

This comprehensive 12 night itinerary covers some of Uganda's most incredible parks, experiences and activities.

FROM USD $8,470 PP

Serengeti & Chimps

A 9 night Tanzania itinerary where you will experience not just an incredible Serengeti safari but also chimpanzee trekking!

FROM USD $5,470 PP

Tanzania’s Nomadic South

A 7 night safari in Tanzania's remote and 'exclusive' Southern Circuit, ideal for those seeking that true wilderness feel!

FROM USD $3,989 PP

Magical Bwindi

This 4 night itinerary focuses on visiting the 'magical' Bwindi National Park in Uganda for a gorilla trekking experience